Everyone's a winner

#EveryonesAwinner with prizes worth of 30 Million Saudi Riyals.
Simply: After every international transfer you will play Spin the wheel to win instant prize
Blue rewards: Send over 500 SAR to win instant valuable prizes
Orange reward: Send over 2,000 SAR to win instant more valuable prizes
Don’t forget to update the app to play the gameApply on urpay app version 4.14. and later


From 16th Nov 2023 till all reward consumed or on 31st of Dec 2023.

Terms and Conditions

  • Transfers through MoneyGram
  • Minimum amount to send is SR 500 to be legible to spin the wheel to get the prize
  • During the campaign, every customer will be legible to spin the wheel after every international money transfers via MoneyGram
  • Once transaction received at the destination country, then the customer will receive the reward voucher via SMS on his/her registered mobile number in urpay wallet
  • All canceled, refunded, rejected, unreceived, or undelivered transactions are eligible to get the prize
  • The prize can’t be replaced, refunded, returned, reloaded, redeemed for more or face value, redeemed for cash, returned for cash, exchange to cash, or transferred to another account or wallet
  • Each prize has an expiry date and can’t be used after its expiry date
  • Campaign will expire once all prizes consumed
  • urpay and its sister companies and MoneyGram are not responsible if prize lost, stolen, or if it used without the customer’s permission.
  • urpay has the right to cancel or amend this campaign at any time without any prior notice
  • urpay general terms and conditions apply
  • Rewards provider partners general terms and conditions apply